the good news are...

my brother and i accompanied my younger sister yesterday. she entered a competition, to be precise, Competition of Creative Art Award in conjunction of Toy Story 3. She went for the final round, where 500 other participants came from all over the places for the same matter. (well, i personally think FIVE HUNDREDS participants are TOO many for a final round..)

so, while she was doing this and that during the competition, Nabil and I went to Sunway Pyramid, which is like less than 5 minutes walking from where we were. and we walked and walked. and window-shopped. a lot. i found what i've been looking before, Rubi shoes. and they are on sale! i couldn't stop jumping in joy. nevertheless, i didn't buy them. we won't have our lunch and worse, we couldn't get back home if i am going to spend it on those cute pretty comfy shoes.

4 in the afternoon, the results were being announced. the winners for category B are all Chinese and guys. i did intended to enter the competition. somehow, i couldn't make it. and so, i dreamed being the only girl winning bhahaha. *feel like slapping myself*

and the good news is, Fatimah Ulfah, my sister won the encouragement prize. okay. there were like 30 winners for that category.
and the better news is, Fatimah Ulfah, my sister won the third prize as well!
she was the only Malay winning okay. i don't think it'll cross her mind to be winning the third prize after being called for the encouragement prize.
the best news is, the prizes of course. she got a total of RM35 000 worth of scholarship at the academy. and a Canon all-in-one-printer. and an Ipod nano.

my mom said it'll be crazier if the scholarship is in cash. i'll asked my sister for a pair of Rubi then.

ah i forgot, see it for yourself. click this. my sis is in mud green dress.

merah lagi canteeek!

coretan : a boy who was studying at the same place as i was before passed away, on Friday. he fell from the 5th floor. al-fatihah. accidents occur everywhere. careful. always be.

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of rainbows and clouds said...

farah!bila nak update blog lagi???seriously im anticipating your next post!-hanan-

jari | jemari said...

sabaq na :) i will, iAllah


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