what words you use when anger takes control?

hmmm new class, new people with different mentalities.

just to share, i once read this somewhere ( i apologize i couldn't state the source, but just so we know and learn the lesson) that Prophet PBUH not only has never speak foul words. why, i wonder. because Prophet PBUH is very embarrassed by only listening to such words, let alone to utter it out loud to another human being. 

so, why do we freely use those words, no matter in any language exist? 
it's harsh, oh yes. and i personally, will tend to stay away from people like this, for i'm afraid my tongue would curse without hesitant, all the time. 

dosa dah banyak, nak tambah pulak dosa mencarut-carut. nau'zubillah.

so let's try harder. do remind me, friends :)

angry birds, anyone? hehs.

footnote: Happy Birthday Fatimah Ulfah! You're 17 already.

5 bombings:

인탄 랴나 said...

Idea nak buat post ni dtg dri semalam punya sembg2 kah? *wondering

jari | jemari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jari | jemari said...

which sembang2? talked too much yesterday hihih

인탄 랴나 said...

Alah.. yang sembg2 cakap, Aku pernh dgr Farah emncrut sekali. That kind of sembg2.

jari | jemari said...

oh. tak jugak. but bolehla kalau nak jdkan faktor sampingan :D


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