model citizens and open day of klpac

model citizens was a good play. i mean i didn't watch many play before but this one, huyyoo was very 'real'.especially this one scene, i could feel the pain the actress, melly was feeling at that time. though i had no idea what was her pain like, she was bleeding, at her sensitive part to make it worse. 

and this was my first time being in klpac. i've heard of it before but never get the chance to actually come here. the place was so nice i think one can even have their wedding reception over here.

met some students from other teachers' colleges as well. 
and i talked to one of them. he was initially talking to jah but she was stunned and i played her role. lucky enough jah didn't just walk off since she thought that guy was trying to flirt, when he was actually just being friendly. and why am i explaining this? -.- haishoh. 

he's a senior and the way he bring himself is already one which teachers should basically have. that's my point.and he said that we looked like 'muka maktab'? i think he meant 'muka cikgu', sounds better.

the next day, i went there again, for another event-an open day.there were all sorts of activities from singing, dancing, short films, flash mob, violin ensemble, drama class, acoustic performance and what not. phew. i tried to go to every place i think i'll be interested in. too many activities, 
but they all spelled awesome! 

i joined this one er what do we called it huh? class maybe. no? a british lady handled it. and they were like twenty people at first and minutes later, i think there might be thirty. we hold our hands together, forming a circle and played games. 

at first yes it was awkward. when the instructor said it was going to be a 30-minute session, i was literally sighing, thinking it'd be long. but no i was totally wrong. the games were relaxing and enlightened me, that 30-min feel like just 10. and lastly, we played some sort of a game where one person does this act and the next should act and relate to the person before. great. i like this game. though we were total strangers i feel like we were already being friends. 

and not to forget, i took photo with some costumes on. i even had mask on my face. heheh. and it's free! my friends refused to do it at first but later they were tempted with the costumes and i was there to sort of accompany them to do this thing they think too childish for them. one of my friends actually said this and i think,

'if it isn't now, when will it be?'

i'm lazy now, to scan the photo, but i like it. so that's enough la kan.

i felt like not going back and enjoy those events until the end. but it was easier to go back by bus rather than cramming up in the ktm.and i nearly got left behind when the clock wasn't even three yet. 

ye pun, wait till the time you had promised us, uncle bus driver.

coretan: i miss my old friends, who enjoy this kind of things :'( i want them to be there with me.

3 bombings:

Yonna Lahh!! said...

wahh best nyaa....! tp upload some pitchasss lah farah hehe
btw, klpac tu kat mana? bila?? yon pun selalu dengar but never get the chance to go there :( haishohh haha

jari | jemari said...

ahaha klpac nya kat sentul je. jap februari ni ada play jugak, nanti kte usha yeh

aisya said...

erm tak pernah dengar.huhu sedih nye saye org selangor. hahaha


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