apa aku ni muka macam penjenayah ke ha?

i brought scissors. well i have it in my pencil case, it shouldn't be wrong. so why did i have to give my cute paper scissors away? 
in fact it was actually being seized. why why?! 

what do you think i'd do? stabbing some random guys i found interesting with that scissors? cutting the wires anywhere when i'm bored?
do i look like a criminal?

do i? do i?!

hesh tu lah, next time read the instructions and everything they put up on the notice.
scissors are not allowed when boarding flights lah!

coretan: kecoh haha.

4 bombings:

nabileinstein said...

haha, sape bawak spear tu la best, haha

cikNAO said...

gamba nie sgt cute :)

jari | jemari said...

macam lah ada orang bawak, nabil oi

azie: heheh.

Fida Faizal said...

salam. wah. domo yang handsome :P

eh. best def song awak ini. apa tajuknya ?


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