dreams are very mysterious

I am often amused by dreams, my own, too. Dreams you got when you're in a deep slumber. 
But, I ended up forgetting like 5 minutes after waking up.

I've read somewhere that you can train your brain to remember your dream. That would need you to write it in your dream journal RIGHT after you get up. 
So, I tried. (actually, I've written them down before, without knowing this fact because some really didn't make sense. I am always INTRIGUED at why I dreamt those things, so i wrote them down. heh)

And it works. Because then, you'll get used to remember the dreams that will usually vanish into thin air right after you open your eyes in the morning. Well, not wholly, of course. 
I'd be able to remember the main events of my dreams.
But hey, isn't is the same with everyone else? 


I have not jot down any of my dreams lately. And I don't get dream every night, at least not what I could remember. Or, maybe I just remember dreams that I found ridiculous. Perhaps.

I guess some people would question, 
'Why would anyone wants to record their own dreams? Isn't it wasting time? It's not even real. What's the point anyway?'

Well, yup. Not that I think of this ALL the time but it keeps me wondering. Mengada tak? 
This one man, Sigmund Freud (though I don't really agree with most of his theories), claimed that dreams are one's way to release their urges and impulses. 

If my dreams are ridiculous, then are my urges too? 

Then again, why complicate things by thinking too much? LOL farah you just making it complicated. 

Now, tell me that amusing dreams of yours, farah? 


p/s: I rarely dream about people around me, not even closer ones. If there were, I would most of the time remember. 

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

Have u ever dream about me.I wonder? hehe

jari | jemari said...
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jari | jemari said...
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jari | jemari said...

omg this thing is so gonna get it. hish. ok shin, like i said, not the close ones heheh


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