as promised, i'd tell you about a cute boy in this entry

i don't mean any publicity, but i just did.
it was Sunday and i was heading back to my college in Cheras. my dad was the one driving.

the night was misty and damp, it was raining outside, making the night even colder than usual.
my dad and mom were talking. i like it when i am the only one in the backseat, listening to their little talks. sometimes we talk about me. and some other time, we talk about my sisters, or my brother or his studies. or anything moving in the universe, or some inanimate objects.

*but i prefer having my siblings along of course, it'll be merrier *

as my parents were talking to each other, i looked around.

the night in KL is always alive. it never sleep. the people is restless.

and as my dad's car strode along the wet road, a Saga passed at my right side. i was looking randomly, and a boy, a Chinese boy was looking at me, in my car. he had both of his arms on the window panel. the boy was cute, he is probably seven or eight years old, more or less. and he smiled! that had just made my day! he was smiling as if his dad has just bought him a toy he wanted for so long.

okay i'm making it sounds like it was a big deal. yes, it was not. still, the moment i saw that boy smiling from the car beside my dad's was very precious, and cute!

anyone reading this should try this out. and see how it feels. though it may look foolish. hahah.

now that i study English, please do correct my mistakes on grammar or spelling, or whatever seems wrong in red ink.

p/s: the internet is making me miserable. it just went off, for days and at times i need it the most, for my assignments!

8 bombings:

Anonymous said...


ok what

jari | jemari said...

alamak what does the ok refers to? sorry i go astray easily hahah.

if it was for the foolish smile, walah, i hope you had try it.

ketingting said...

hehehe. cute boy? i laiiikk!
7 8 tahun ghupenye.

[~_~] said...

we're on the same boat for that. I love Chinese boys' smiles. They're like Korean and Japanese ones. Hehehe

sofia said...

haha....budak2 mmg cute =)

sofia said...

haha....budak2 mmg cute =)

sofia said...

haha....budak2 mmg cute =)

jari | jemari said...

ketingting :(ala..comelnya nama) kalau tak 7 8 tahun, i malulah aww!

zaza: ha ni sah demam korea ni...

sofia : kan? kan?


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