famous scar of the world. and proud of it

harry potter is released like few days (no it has been a week...sob sob) ago. 

i waaant to watch it so much!  
and tumblr (lately tumblr has been like a chocolate to me.. another destructive sign -.-") is really not helping. photos and quotes and photos of harry potter's are like seducing me, to not to be patient. 

after all these years, harry potter was my childhood years. and i shared it with thousand and hundred thousands kids, uh even the not-kids, around the world.
it feels weird to see their photos now (with much maturity and sexiness in each of them haha) and back then, 
when their faces were so innocent and pure, and childish of course. 

ok knapa draco malfoy tak habis-habis hensem ni? argh.

'i am that big now?'

coretan: yehu! holiday holiday. now what should i do? aha pelajaran 1. pelajaran 2. next?

5 bombings:

cikNAO said...

mau tengok jugak !

intanlyanahamzah said...

dah tgokkkk!!!!
malfoy dgn ron yang comelllll!!!!!!!!!

jari | jemari said...

azie: jom yob!

boo: ish. nak kena ni.

cikNAO said...

sye xm la wk . :(

jari | jemari said...

heeee. lupa pula sori sori. tidak apa. tengok cd lah jawabnya heeee.


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