to czech and beyond!


i, somehow, like the title. i used it for an album in fb and it doesn't harm to use it again, right?
so this time it's her turn. going overseas to pursue her dream of being a medical doctor. i was quite thrilled myself about her journey to checzhoslovakia *mind the spelling
a day before, i asked her of how she was feeling. i used to receive answers (from other friends) like 'i'm nervous, i'm not feeling anything' and stuff like that, but she was feeling excited hihih. if it were me, i would be super excited!
arriving at the airport, i didn't know where i should head to. and just right at the moment, i saw Jawahir. few seconds of squinting my eyes to recognize and it is really her! (thank God or my mom would be nagging about not asking her these stuff beforehand teehee)
seeing her delighted face, it made me even happier (well, i told her the day before i might not be able to come. but there i was so...). and about few minutes later, she had to gather with the agent and stuff so i waited.

See? Mak Jawahir pun busy
kelam kabut

later, she told me that they were told to enter the immigration section at 9.45 pm and that was like really early! the departing troop were all scurrying here and there to get their stuffs and to bid their last farewell, besides capturing tonnes of photos with families and friends, later to be uploaded in facebook. i got to greet another friend of mine, Poji but he was busy collecting his things, we just merely exchanged 'Hi!'s and i could hardly utter good luck wishes to him. mind you, he was running around.

a few friends also came, and if they were to arrive minutes later they wouldn't even get to meet Jawahir, Poji and Khoi. 
hihih i giggled upon hearing poji making a deal of giving 'incentive' for those coming to send him off. now that's money talk hahha.

among the things that made him buseyyyh

so we sent off jawahir to the departing gate with hugs, kisses and good luck wishes, even when we already know she would make it. 
my mom, Husna (a young lady which is another schoolmate of mine :)) and i stayed there for a while since there were another two guys from our previous school, so we thought we might as well send them off. and we managed to meet Khoi, the best brain during our time at school. he was being shy and gave us a smile, maybe the butterflies in his stomach wandered too far. my mom asked husna and me to (just) take photo of him but luckily, we got to take photo with him instead! hahaha so much for a photo.

THE PHOTO!*faint hahha

and then, we lingered for a little while now that Poji was the only one left, even the departing gate was already vacant. when we decided to take a look on what might causing him not to be there yet, we were surprised to see that he already entered!
we were right in front the gate, when did he?! 

so our guess, he entered through the other gate when we waited to wave goodbye at the other gate. that's so not funny T3T

my mom: "husna macam wanita berkerjaya kan?" hihih

so there they go. 
always i envy people with such oppurtunity, but this time, i felt happy for my friend Jawahir, she got what she wants!

Best of luck my friends! 
Take good care of yourselves, health especially. Remember Allah is with you always.

in the end, my mom and i spent like another half an hour to find and locate my dad in the large, huge airport just because he didn't bring his phone. what a world = =' 

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anamilikDIA said...

semua dah fly kan?:)
jawahir,haga diri,jga hati,jaga iman,syg jawahir:)

anamilikDIA said...


jari | jemari said...

doa turn kita yang lain pulak :)

Nur Husna said...

tau x masa nak byr token i found ur dad tgh tgu sorang2 dekat tmpt parking kete. kalau tau dia x bwk fon dh lama kitorg call farah. huhu

jari | jemari said...

ahaha! sebab ayah kte nampak korangla, dia masuk dalam balik cari kitorang.

biasala kann


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