Malaysian TV shows have too much of ghost stories and singing competitions. 
So this new show is quite monotony-no-more!
As the name itself has distinctively suggests, Masterchef is about cooking!
our home has a tendency towards cooking shows by which whenever we were clueless or there isn't any interesting show, it'd be on cooking channel, most often AFC (stands for Asian FOOD Channel, see?) lah. 
my mom watches this Masterchef and so all of us in the house do. in a way, it's very beneficial because it boosts the inner chef in you to unleash! if only it comes out anyway kehkeh.

but one thing for sure, my little cousin (she's staying with us for some time now) has been ever since been imitating the judges - at every meal! and it's not even pretentious sometimes.

like yesterday, my mom baked a chocolate cake. she had a slice for herself and then, it started, 
" coklat dia macam pekat kan kak? sedap. dia macam penuh. saya suka." 

ok maybe i adjusted some parts for the favour of my inextricable taste, but she still said something like those words. 
fyi, the 'saya suka' part is unmistakably, yes i am very sure, one of the favourite words used by, ehem, Mr Bowtie The Judge. (pardon me i just remember the bow tie, not the name heheh)

And another one came when we were having Nasi Lemak Kukus from a street vendor,
" Dia punya sambal tu manis. Pedas dia pun best. Nasi dia pun lembuuuut je. Fuh memang sedap lah!" And mind you, it came along with her thumbs up and over-satisfied customer face expressions. Seriously.

I just can't... She is just 7! 
(because when i was at that age, i didn't comment. i eat if i like the food and refuse if i don't. simple. but most of the time, i EAT.and she knows garlic in dishes when i couldn't even recall ANY knowledge about food when i was 7, I JUST EAT.) 

coretan: hmm how can a rubber tapper be so good in Western cuisine? walaoweh.

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reen said...

my friend is competing in masterchef! :D his name is zamir. support him okay? go team zamir!

Shakir Azfar said...

My goodness! Fooooood!!! Yum Yum! :P

jari | jemari said...

aze': yeke? wow gila!
shakir: masak and give some to me. muahaha


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