why ruin your life when all you wish is happiness?


today i feel like giving out a piece of my mind about this very (in)famous topic, my two cents, about couple. 

you know, couple in malaysians terms, where you go declaring your so-called love in public, in facebook, anywhere possible even on tree barks -with no official matrimonial tie. 

i assume, everyone is aware of the dangers it brings. yes, we take risk to get benefit in return. but in this case, the risk is not worth it. because we are not left with only that option to live by.

why ruin your life (accumulating sins and hate) when all you wish is happiness?

i am not  saying i am against love - that's human nature. 
when you like someone, you'd be dying to tell that one person of what you're feeling inside. the slightest glimpse of the one would make your whole day, smiling and in some cases, even giggling all along.

but i don't know. tell them and the pleasure lessen. because most probably, it would spark a fire and poof! -we're happily in a relationship (and the devils grinning, already planning for bigger traps to drag us to hell).

ever heard of this, 
"aku ikhlas suka kau."

and by that, what does it supposed to mean? hmm what's the point in stating that you're being sincere when all you want for a reply is a "Yes, I'd like to be your gf/bf."
 if sincerity is your best policy, you won't even confess at the first place. because you wouldn't expect ANYTHING in return. unless you would want to marry the girl/boy (?).

come to think of it, i remembered a story. this boy has been in love with this one girl for a long time. he waited until school years ended before he let out his feelings for her.
and he asked for a relationship. 
the girl then responded, why would we be in one? we couldn't prove anything even if we declare that we are US, not two separate individuals, to the whole universe?

to me, the girl's answer was unmistakably perfect. and fyi, she did feel the same for him at that moment. she could just say ' what took you so long?' etc.

because, what's the point in giving a precious spot in your heart to a stranger (with many others around you who deserve more to be in that spot), breaking your heart over and over again when you don't even intend to knot the tie? when you're too young for the real matters? it is totally a different story for people who actually getting it work out for a marriage.

i guess, people just want to be loved but are very much avoiding the real commitments (by this, i mean marriage). so much, that we just 'approved' couple.

well, not la very random topic. but when you say nothing seeing youngsters (my own friends?!) holding hands with ajnabee, i hate myself.
Ya Allah, janganlah kau uji kami dengan ujian yang tertanggung oleh kami yang hina.

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

Farah, first of all i'm totally agree with you..although kita pun trjebak sama in this 'couple' thing..urghh I hate myself already. :'(

Kh0| said...

double thumbs up..

jari | jemari said...

you don't go around holding hands...ehem, shin bukan ada niat nak kahwin? hewhewhew

jari | jemari said...


Adilah Zulaikha said...

teeheeeee :p


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