beautiful conversation

I was sitting at lunch and a Jewish girl, a Catholic girl, and I had a very beautiful conversation

  • CATHOLIC GIRL: I was watching so many things about 9/11 yesterday. It was really sad though because everyone was blaming the Muslims.
  • ME: Well, I was watching this one, I forget the channel, where they interviewed the Muslims that survived 9/11. But, there were a few of them who weren't Muslims, and they were so impacted by it that they started badmouthing Muslims. Then a man walked in and they remembered him and started crying because he was the man that saved one of them. He then said, "Did you know that I am Muslim?" They were shocked.
  • CATHOLIC GIRL: Wow. People nowadays. Sabrina, have you been called a terrorist?
  • ME: Yes...
  • JEWISH GIRL: Well you know what, I think thats disgusting. Why is it that when a Muslim does something bad, all Muslims are terrorists. People don't go around and call me a Zionist. So why are you a terrorist?
  • ME: (dumbstruck by her answer so I change the subject) You know what I'm excited for? To learn about the Middle East in History this year. I have so much to say about it. Especially whats going on in Palestine/Israel. (I added the Israel part because I didn't want to offend her.)
  • JEWISH GIRL: Why do you say Israel? Its Palestine. It will always be Palestine. It has always been.
  • -At this point I was in tears and all I could say was mashAllah-

copied from a tumblog. why we shouldn't be prejudice.

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