Food Hunting Volume 1


exam days are over and now, I'm back! i've been supressing myself from writing up about this thing before exams. because I know I'd spend ages just on a single entry and well, exams are way more important than a bunch of mouthwatering photos of food. ^.^

this was few places I went quite some time ago, with some friends, you know, those times you came up with urges to eat good food or just to be in awe of the nice ambience. 

I came to know about Canoodling through blogs. I am not a big fan of noodles, not even laksa but I was more than eager to eat there since the restaurant has a very fresh interior design, or whatever it is called. Sadly, I was not able to capture as many photos as I wanted around the restaurant, my phone camera is only 2 megapixel and that only would ruin my whole memory of the experience. 

I like the fact that it has blackboard as its wall, with writings written in chalk all over it, with menus and some random words on it. and how they use the head of bed lamps to be the lights. ergh I'm never good at describing. 

and this was my main course for that night. cewah as if I ever eat in courses. it's a Tomyam Noodle, I couldn't recall the name in the menu. since I like spicy food, so why not choose Tomyam right? but it turned out not to be spicy at all and when I nearly finish the bowl, I found out that it is actually spicy at the bottom of the bowl -.- 
I should have godek-godek the noodle first! 

It tastes fine, though I don't really like this one thing in it - I believe it's some sort of fish, dory, no? but the whole bowl is enough to fill your tummy. and fyi, I'm seldom full by small portions of food.

since there's always a room for dessert, i confidently ordered this mango lassi with barley beforehand hehe.
but lo and behold! there's no doubt. i like it! 

and again, I don't really like sour but the barley are balanced by the thick mango lassi. So, life's good. (I really took the time to savour my dessert, even the restaurant has to close a little later than usual). And the whole meal costs me less than RM 30, can't remember the accurate figure. 

very la the noob in taking food photos. 

excited face vol. 1
excited face vol. 2
epic excited facial expresion hewhew
excited face? 

and this is at HR Steakhouse in Kampung Baru. Brought there like two years ago by some friends, and I wasn't sure of its location, but I remembered every bit of its details. because I super love the fish and chip and its large-sized juice glass, which only costs RM 2 (and I thought that was very cheap at that time!). maybe it tasted more delicious than ever because i was sharing the meal with my roommate heee. and the fact that it didn't cost me more than RM 10, fruit juice included, impressed me and keep me wanting to go there again.

and it became a reality, two years later haha. well it still tasted good my second time there (see? I even ordered the same things), but in my memory, it was much, much more appetizing, that it could stuck in my head for years now.
lol i guess my mind exaggerates things now. 
but the lighting is still as dim as it can ever be. fuh I can hardly see anyone there. 

siri masih bertenang

siri tak boleh bertenang sudah

well from the appearance, bit sloppy there. blame my photographic skill.

 and this was when my house mates were bored of having hawkers' food. so, we went digging in at a coffee house nearby. I refused to eat and ordered this red plum shake (I suppose that is what it is...Not sure myself hehs) with whipped cream on top. Voila! 

I found food hunting very interesting nowadays.I'm quite positive there'd be Food Hunting Volume 2. Hmmm should be watching my weight but that would be a tough job hmmm.

but it's ok, there's no love more sincere than the love for food hahah!

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