Hygienic Education

well admit it, you guys watch korean dramas.

that's not entirely bad thing because you see, you can always get lessons to learn ahaaaa.
among the benefits of watching korean dramas (that i really like) is . . .

being hygienic.

1. from the drama  'Full House' (i believe this was among the early dramas that made it internationally, or at least in Malaysia)

they brush teeth like in every episode!
after every meal they have aired on TV, they'll go brush their teeth (together, and quarrel) in the bathroom. 
i know twice a day is enough, but seeing them do it after every meal is very uplifting hahaha.

2. School 2013

the two main casts were punished to clean the restroom. i like it that they were supplied with pair of gloves and picker

to pick up trash in the restroom. 
because i did remember cleaning restrooms back in my school days, especially in boarding school, but never were we given gloves, what else thongs for chores like this. hmmmm.

(i couldn't find the still for this scene. now learn to use your imagination)

3. The Strange Housekeeper

Bok Nyeo recycles every week. i like the idea of educating people to recycle through drama.
at least i noticed that. i don't do it on everyday basis.
in fact, average malaysians don't seperate their waste which in turn makes recycling a rather complicated process.

does recycling count as hygienic? hehs.

lemme recall local dramas incorporating things like this. hmmmm well of course there is, try thinking (or should i say, watching?) harder!

i realized i've been watching way too much korean dramas tsk tsk.

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