That time when we went to Jump Street

Being the young adults who are constantly on our phones, we are always falling into the bandwagon, even if sometimes you try to dodge it.

This time, gee talked into all of us housemates to go to Jump Street. Well, I'm up to any challenges, galz! So there we went. With the rate of RM 20 each per hour, I thought it was a tad expensive. But hey, money is just papers if not spent (one of my Abah's catchphrases) so why not. Because gee was super excited, she asked for two hours in. But just to be safe, in case all these jumpings bore us, we went for an hour.

To enter, visitors need to buy a pair of special socks, for extra grip (for sure, it adds to the bill so bring extra money). We entered and went lost. I mean, what do you do first? You just jump out of nowhere?

It wasn't peak hours or weekends, so there was ample space to breathe and play. I guess, that's why the instructors saw our puzzled faces and gathered us for briefing. The instructors were all young and snazzy, if not younger than us. We started with the basic jumps, to get us all relax and free to jump (and fall, of course). And what is briefing without some demonstration of them skills and all the shiznizz. This one fella went full ninja, jumping on the trampoline like there's no gravity and made us all jaw dropped. (I secretly feared him, for I hope he's a real human, like what if he take out his fangs).

Then, we went on our own. I started awkwardly coz it is a public space and there are people in it, and so many males I felt shy (duhhh). I still felt shy though, even after the session ended #problemofmylife *sigh. 

After some times up in the air, I got my adrenaline rush and that managed me to forget my shyness (I'm not that shy shy, but what should I put it - self conscious? whatever), we jumped high and low, here and there. I didn't manage to be a ninja, neither did my friends, nor the other visitors, but Bella, the most athletic (and smallest) among us  housemates, got some grips to actually become one. If I ever get to go there again, I need to rethink what tudung I should put on so that I don't have to check every now and then if it's still on my head or already jumping away.

It was fun, jumping fun. There were many stations, walk-on-the-wall, slam dunk etc.There's this one station where there's a platform and you get to jump into a sea of sponges. It's a hit, and I like it too. Too bad, I hadn't recovered from my self-esteem issue so I didn't really jump my heart out. I know it's annoying, even I was annoyed of myself. I got jealous looking at people jumping happily but I couldn't brush off the thoughts in my head.

We played at these stations until these one station, where you play dodgeball in it but on trampoline. We played between us girls but since it wasn't crowded, one of the instructors saw us and decided to make our game more challenging - by getting us have a match with a team of five guys (they were like us, friends hanging out together and as clueless as well) so we went for it. We played for a few rounds and although the boys won, it was the peak of the fun. Thank god I played long enough that my shyness has subsided so I was just having fun playing. 
The giant digital clock went off, signaling the end of our time. One of the guys remembered to record our match and we thought we should ask for the vid too. Some rope pulling for who is gonna go ask them to share the video coz we are all shy girls cecehh. In the end, boo and gee went (coz we think gee knows how to deal with boys and boo coz she has many male friends haha excusesss). It turned out that guy was using iPhone which means we can't bluetooth the video (why do iphones have to be so discriminating hmmph) and it was such a bummer.

The boys didn't want to turn us down and one of them gave gee his business card. We thought that was one smooth move haha. Then they took photos (i don't remember if I was in it hmmm) but this time, it wasn't just me but all of us were shy kekeke.

We walked out of the building but it didn't end there, we walked to the car and our cars happened to be nearby. One of them were being sneaky, saying "eh, kereta pun sama la" and we girls entered our myvi at an even quicker speed coz flirting alert detected lol.

Driving out of the building,  the boys' car was behind us and they started sending signal - the high beam light. We responded with the hazard light haha coz what else can we do. Thank god we went separate ways soon enough or we'll end up causing traffic.

Bottomline is, Jump Street is exciting (even if I don't include the intersection with the boys) coz you get to sweat your body out and be free with your body (and train yourself to be a ninja, too!).

P/s: we let gee manage the video but she didn't send any email to the guy coz she thinks they're too playful so no video then.

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