i'm not okay. but doing fine.

i hate it when i call and they happen not to pick up the phone, or the line is busy, or the operator's voice is the one answering, saying, " Sorry the number you have dialed is not available. Please try again later".

i wanted to talk, to have a carefree chit-chat and yet none i could get through. thanks to the the very limited internet connection here, i can't go facebook-ing, to say hi to whoever online. i can't watch videos i like. i know there are tonnes of reasons behind it, but at times like this i need it. nearly everything is blocked!! eugh.

books are one of the listed escapism from the reality, of my own. but the book i am reading now is very emotionally mesmerizing.(i don't know how should i describe it..) well, i am quite sure other readers won't be so easily affected by the story. i am fragile now, i mean today, so it makes up a different situation. emotionally fragile. i am only reading the 80th page just now but i have been crying a lot. (my eyes are aching..*sigh*)

but it's okay, i watched old videos of my friends and they never fail to make me laugh! geez..

but still, Wonderland, can i have a rainbow tomorrow?

coretan: mommy, i really think i should have a broadband, shouldn't i? i'm suffocating here.*cough cough*

2 bombings:

[~_~] said...

ui2~ katne skrg ni? adoi..lama x denga citer...dh trcmpak kt dunia mana la cik farah kite ni..

jari | jemari said...

heheh. dunia magikal harry potter hohoh. taklah, masuk maktab kat cheras :)


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