of english standards and lazy men

its weekend.

i went to the nearest supermarket. went to another place, for some other needs. and yes, using taxis.

uncle taxi driver 1: he asked me and my two other friends of our details, where do we come from, what are we studying, those predictable questions. 

once the indian uncle knew that we're going to teach english, his voice tone changed. 
he told us to speak english all the time, he really meant all the time
(i was like, all the time?) 
and really emphasized it. 
and then, he went on telling his stories. 
 he has met quite a few english teachers that can't converse well in english, and one of them teaching for SPM.

 he is frustrated, we could tell. 

and that's why he told us such. 
and later, he told us that he was an english teacher before. 
so, yeah, he is disappointed, with the standards of english teachers nowadays. 

again, he said some of the teachers, 

not all of them.

uncle taxi driver 2: he was not exactly an uncle, but never mind.this uncle is daring, i would say. 
we were quite confused of the roads. 
and he started with girls are only good in their 9As but they are stupid.
we were like, 

"excuse me, uncle, but we (the passengers) are all girls, in case you can't figure it out". 

then he went on, saying girls are stupid again and again. 

he said so, because girls, he mentioned it to be females, are stupid because they go for work. they shouldn't go through all the hardship since it's the husband's job!
and he told us the men are grinning since it's ok if they don't go to work, staying at home wearing kain batik since the wife does the job. 
*i know, why wearing kain batik? i'm just re-stating what the uncle said* 

he told us that malaysian men are lazy bums.they'll like idiot wives.

so again he said females are stupid. 
we were speechless. (hek eleh pak cik ni...)
*getting ready to give counter-arguments*

and he blurted out, "ha, terdiam korang, dah kalah". 

"mana boleh macam tu, pak cik!"

we knew he was joking, but he got a point. again. 

not all malaysian men are lazy right? 
prove that.

1. respect everyone. who knows, the janitor was once a cendol taukeh. no, i mean, a lawyer maybe.
2. listen to others' opinions. though we disagree.

coretan: hooyeah! dah beraya!

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