sungai apa jadi mainan orang? heheh

assalamualaikum. well now which should i start first?

spent my weekends at sungai congkak. a class trip, sadly with not everyone joining. what to do. but hey it was great! 

went there by bus, at 7 yo. i even slept over at my friend's to help her with the food. though er her mom handled almost everything -.-
i packed my stuff in less than half an hour. luckily we planned to be there for only one night or else, i won't have enough clothes. so, here we go.

yang mandi-manda tak ingat dunia ada

yang ni jadi watchmen je pun cukup bahagia dah

bertapa pun ada. lain dari yang lain

acara serbu makanan.

ha. after playing with cold water in the drizzle, we waited for the evening to come, to go to the resort we are supposed to sleep at. 
while waiting, the girls were playing with every sort of games kids used to play. you name it. tapi sayang, many of the games we had already forgot so can't play them properly :c
and then we played 'truth or dare'! the very famous game. habis merepek je, everyone was opting for dare. but few chose truth. 
i was dared to gelek. what the heck kan? gila malu. but it was just for fun so that's it. haha malu nak describe lebih-lebih.

next, we ate at my class rep's house. it was actually his grandpa's but to make the story simpler, he held a kenduri. and we came with our baggy wet clothes, totally not for kenduri lah kan. and the dishes which includes gulai masak lemak *makes me drool every time i think of it* were superb! super hot. and most of my classmates are from east malaysia and they are not used to spicy food. 
yeah i really should take their photos of red faces with sweat all over, huffing for water. hahah funny. i was such too, but i enjoyed it. man my favourite man!

right after having our extra lunch, we walked and walked to the resort. it wasn't a very long walk but it took us half an hour to reach the house. and we had to go uphill, at least twice. i was sweating badly when i arrived the house, but the weather helped a lot, not to make it even worse. 

the house was heaven! er tak lah dahsyat mana. but it was fine. like really, i like it. 4 bedrooms-mine even has a 4-poster bed and the room next to mine as well, it isn't very huge but quite spacey. so yeah.

ok lapar lah. panjang umur, i'll continue this later.

coretan: why is it sometimes when i write i feel like i am writing too looooong? eugh.

2 bombings:

anys said...

wah !
seronoknya maen air !
orang kat sini maen air banjir . hehe

jari | jemari said...

ahaha. pun boleh. ok tak kat sana?


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