permainan apa orang boleh mandi di dalamnya?

ok so continue.

we packed our things in the rooms. usha sana usha sini. and tea time! we had curry puffs and the leftover bread from breakfast. funny thing is pauline brewed tea and she put too many sachets in one jug. i tasted it and, 'why is it so bitter?' pauline was confused. then i realised there were 5 satchets inside. omjayyy! banyak beno. 
and pauline told me, that she asked me whether she should put those satchets into the jug and i said yes-when at the same time i was preoccupied with something else. i said yes and so she put them in. i didn't know she had already put two satchets earlier. 

while pauline was retelling me what she had asked, the whole class who was waiting on their chairs for the tea, was looking and laughed at us, at her words actually. ha-hah. only then i got what she meant.

silly pauline. jangan marah i love you

at night we had barbecue. the chicken marinade is a success, they tasted great. 

of course before we could eat, we were sweating like there's no tomorrow. we grilled with fire mehh. supposedly barbecue those chicken with charcoal, but nahh too long for that. we had chicken, sausages, fishballs and rice. we didn't really eat much, our stomachs were already half full. i ate two pieces of chicken when the others ate only one -.-

burning desire

then, again 'truth or dare'. 
this time around, the tasks were already prepared. 
so yeah everyone got their turn. and haziq, the class rep got twice. ahaha couldn't stop laughing thinking about how our class enjoyed his 'dares'. 

seriously i couldn't stop laughing. and later we exchanged our presents. hihih  i bought a studded slingbag for ati and i got a book from pauline. but it is a play of which the whole class will learn later on. macam tak sabar suruh cepat-cepat belajar je pauline ni -.-

faezah or jah

done outside, we got inside and they were planning to watch movie together.

i wanted to sleep but feel like it was to early, it wasn't even midnight. so i went to the living room. few of us, the girls who didn't feel like watching movie were suddenly dancing, out of boredom. 
haha macam orang gila dah. but it was fun. and tiring. the dance robot faezah went to bed right afterwards while me and some other girls were still not going to bed yet. and we played boardgame, ludo.

bukan di bawah pengaruh dadah

later i guess the movie was done, so the guys and some girls were having supper-the magic maggie. i only had coke for supper haha. lagi bahaya.

few minutes after, i went to my bed. getting into the bed, under the blanket was another heaven! mashaAllah nikmatnya! though i slept with like another three girls but that lessened the cold weather and air-cond plus fan. T3T aah kan why don't i just switch them off? duhh

the next morning i woke up late, just few minutes before subuh ends. and prepared for breakfast. wash dishes with pau pau. and the others getting ready while a couple of them preparing scrambled egg and tea. this time the tea was perfect. hihih.

unfortunately the rain poured. so we didn't do anything much that morning. nearly ten, we walked down the hill in the rain (lucky enough it wasn't heavy) for the bus. we looked like we were kicked out of the house, no having enough money to pay the rent, with such pathetic face on us. we bid our farewell to the house and also the banglas, the guardians of the resort. and back to college we're off.

sky is crying but we have to go back

the only thing i missed.kenapalah aku tak buat? egh now i regret.


coretan: hope you were there :)

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