minus the technology, i feel like i was watching a wedding from the 19th century

so Prince William is already happily married to (now Princess) Kate Middleton.
and yes they do look like prince and princess from fairy tales. 

and there were after-party, yes.

but this, this?!

 -.- well it could be someone else, but yeah.
he rocks. they rock.

i wonder why he giggled throughout the day, feeling all giddy now that his brother is already married i guess

naughty little Harry

but it's ok 
because the prince and the princess are happily ever after :)

harry -.-

 i think i've seen this photo from the many my mom collected from the old time, no?

coretan: the Brits are so amused by the wedding it even amuses me!

3 bombings:

mama ju, said...


Oh best sangat!

of rainbows and clouds said...

omg were they really dancing like that? for real?

jari | jemari said...

mama: wslm :)
hanan: i wonder the same thing


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