Just A Question, Not Provocation

A question is not meant to provoke.

A playwright was invited to my college for a talk, well, we study his play. His speech was great that it opened our eyes about things, and that they are not what they always seem. It could be a lie, made up, manipulated, biased or just one-sided.
and that gave him a clear path to go on about politics and of course, Bersih is included.

i found truth on what he said. but then, his points were also biased(see, this is how i look at things now, with doubt).
because i sensed pin-pointing.

since he is quite renowned, my lecturer made sure that we had questions to ask him. and so, questions (regarding his play) were written on paper and later, being cut to small pieces, distributed to random students.

and I was being extra lucky to get a strip.
i quite like the question i got and i was pretty sure that i want to know the answer from Kee Thuan Chye himself.
and so i asked.

unlucky me, he misunderstood my question.
maybe it was my word, my facial expression (which i bet would be the least provoking) or the hot topic he was having on his mind at that moment, it could be just his ideology.

so he responded, intensely - thinking that i was accusing him of favouring the Western.
but i was not.
i didn't now which part of my question that i slipped up, it left me puzzled for a few moments until i realized he misunderstood me.

because i was in the state of gathering the puzzles, i could only digest the second half of his reply.
it was only when he asked to the audience, ' Was I being too harsh on her?' i realized that he misunderstood me badly,
i felt like going directly to him to explain my question in super fine details.

but i didn't think that was a good idea.
the audience replied him in chorus, 'YES' and i was sure the rest of the people in that library understood what i wanted to know, what i actually meant.

and funny how awkward the atmosphere was after he answered my question.
even he acknowledged it, saying that no one would ask question anymore, jokingly.

and i find it amusing that some people were worried that i might be frightened, or even crying - when i was so puzzled even my emotions were confused.

anyway, thanks for the comfort and encouragement.

come to think of it,
a question i asked was never meant to provoke, but the response i got was more than enough as an answer.

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

eh? :O

PAULINE said...

seriously, i was quite shocked when he misunderstood your question.. .
>.< anyway, it was brave of you to ask him question.. ^^

Shakir Azfar said...

He had my full interest in his speech, but then, he got into politics, and he seemed to 'brainwash' us, so he lost my attention and interest to listen to any of his words. Then, when I asked my question too, he didn't reply it as how he was supposed to. I was really disappointed when he answered in such ways.. Choyy sesangat~

jari | jemari said...

things happen, friends :)


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