Sunday morning

assalamualaikum. so what's with sunday?

ever go to a restaurant (mamak ke warung whichever you prefer), wanting to have your lunch and when you are about to gobble your meal, a blind man comes towards you?

i'm not blaming the blind man no that's exactly not my point. that, not a problem.

was just puzzled by the existence of the other man standing besides him, most of the time guiding the blind man. and i saw it quite frequently and i believe everyone else know about this if not witness it themselves.

i couldnt help but to be in doubt. because, i dont know, their grip towards the blind man seems somewhat not meant for lending a hand. 

i dont knowwwwwwwwww
and the way they look at the blind man. just made my suspicions stronger.
the way they look at you.
i mean, be logic. if you want to ask for help, you wouldnt be looking at the potential man that can help you (by donating some ringgit) with glaring eyes. 
you'd be grateful. or, at least, hmm smile, lighten up maybe. 

the one i saw last sunday was both females.

the blind women was like pushed by the other woman, now let's nickname her as Ms Fit (and yes, she is physically perfect, fit for any job i guess) by her side, seeking sympathy from the customers dining there.
receiving the one ringgit note, Ms Fit was the one taking it from the customer's hand. yelah since she's not blind, that was fine. 

you should see the way Ms Fit gave the money to the blind woman. she was like handing it to her roughly, i mean even if i tried to think positively, however i looked at it, 
it still looked like Ms Fit was should i put it.. didnt really want to help her. like she has this ulterior motives we never know.

and then, after giving the note to the blind woman and she put it into her sling bag, Ms Fit was like directing her hands ( the blind woman's hands) to a plastic bag, to give out a packet of tissues to the customer.
again, this looked very much suspicious.
maybe, maybe it's just me or my influenced-by-tv dramas-mind. but seriously. 
because of money, nothing is impossible.

i hope nothing bad happen to the blind woman. well not just her. may Allah protect them. 

coretan: feel so grown-up since i had to stay outside of hostel.

cepat. nak masak apa. cakap je.

3 bombings:

of rainbows and clouds said...

omg farah!!!yessss! kita pun terfikir mcm tu jugak when i see these people. all i can think of is kesian and i hope that these less fortunate ppl will find a place where they are in good hands.

Anonymous said...


jari | jemari said...

hanan: tu lah. kita tak tau apa cerita diorang.

anon: ye pun nak marah...-.-


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