Pretzels & the Lingering Sweetness #2

yesterday we ate the pretzels. though it wasn't as delicious as my first time, it was, after all very mouthwatering.

ok so that led to the progress of my plan to make pretzels, or is it bake pretzels? because my mom was in high spirit to make it as well. so she prepared the dough. while i was sitting too comfortably on my bed- i was trying to get myself to review my studies and you should know what happen next.

after about two hours,  it rose. but the texture of the dough was very weird - there were small holes making it looked scary and when i touched it, it shrank! and so my mom came to the rescue. she added more (and by that i mean MORE) flour since there was too much water and so the dough was too sticky, making it hard to knead. 

and then, we rock and roll! since the dough was still sticky, i couldn't roll it like in the vid i posted last few entries.

and then let it rise for like 10, 15 minutes. and i did soak them in baking soda, my mom said that is to stop it from rising.
then, into the oven! 
and this is how it turned out. ta-dah! 

pardon me, the uploader is being annoying again. been trying to upload this for days now, hence the low quality.

the outer appearance is so nice, since it looked more than what i thought it would be, well this is my first time. but the taste is just so-so, definitely needs improvement, like my sister put it, " why it doesn't taste a tad like the ones sold at shops?" still, all the pretzels were gone in less than 10 minutes, into the moaning stomachs. or maybe, the pretzels were just too tempting to resist!

so yes, i am going to make it again! because the key to perfection is practice, like my mom always said - and she is making us meringue every now and then, experiment after experiment.

we are the lab rats.

ehem this report is specially dedicated for you, Shin hehhe. Chaiyok!

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