rant on new camera


upon the tragedy that occured last month, i dream a new dream. whaaattt? well did i just make myself sound a tad like langston hughes?

having a new camera.
well yes human beings cannot stop desiring things. after pointing out the pros and cons, i guess this one is no harm. just to the pocket, which means i could go hungry for months and months.

i am very much attracted to the fact that my new dream would be able to capture the real feelings that we actually want to immerse ourselves in when looking at the photographs. Not just letting our minds wander to reminisce the feelings but to actually acknowledge the others not going the same experience, with the same feelings, that is through the photo itself. well every camera with a SLR function can. but i'm not aiming for a DSLR. not that i would reject the idea either if i were to get it at a random chance. but hmm it's so common and what i'm afraid most is i couldn't even use it to max - you know, to match the price we pay for it. plus, i won't be comfortable using it to snap ridiculous moments like me having a maggi? or hanging out in the dusty washroom?

most importantly, i love how it can actually accentuate the savoury taste, the appearance, the texture of food when usually, an ordinary compact camera snaps a nasi lemak i ate one Sunday, for example, i'd only be reminded by the fact that 'Oh! I've tasted that.' But with cameras with upgraded features, the nasi lemak photo will let me remember how delicious the nasi lemak, how the sambal was thick but spicy with the crisp anchovies and fresh cucumbers, green with moist. you get what i mean, whatever it means.

so now, save up save up for the monehh.

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