remember the time

remember the time when your mom do all the hygienic routines for you i.e cleaning your ear, trimming your toenails, wash off the dirt on your body?

when i was younger, i never think of cleaning my ear by myself. because i can't even see my own ears! it'd be dangerous, i thought it could bleed non-stop. plus, mama can do it anytime. so why bother?

even when i was in boarding school, i let my mom settle that hehs. 
but at one point, we would have to do it by ourselves kan? sooner or later. in my case, i didn't even remember when did i do it by myself. 
i just did it. 

sekarang, memang mengada lah kalau nak mintak mak buatkan hahah. 

this is not disgusting kan? 

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