roti canai: real business

alhamdulillah hidup lagi hari ni kan? 

it's weekend. so, today we had our breakfast at this one place, famously known for its roti canai, dekat bangi. personally, i had never thought a gerai/warung/small eatery can attract so many customers. 

because you see, it is located on the roadside but people won't notice it, it's sort of hidden behind the bushes and quite uphill. don't think my words describe it enough for anyone reading this to imagine. the point is it's hidden. 

and you'll see cars parked alongside of the (main) road from afar. we climbed uphill and ta-dah, the famous warung! but what's the name of the kedai? i couldn't recall if i see any signboard, maybe there was none. getting uphill,  there were like another ten cars discovered. walaoweh! 
and imagine this, walking into the kedai, all you see is people, everywhere. seriously, ramai betul. talk about real business.

all the tables and chairs were occupied but we were lucky to get one without waiting. 
i had the roti canai kosong. in fact, all of us ordered the same. it wasn't my first time eating this roti canai but my first visit here, my mom had it bungkus for us last time. 

so, when our roti canai arrived (to decrease waiting too long for the order, they stack the plates and put the four roti canai on the top plate. efficiency? oh yeah), bismillah and aum! 

the secret to the crowd? 
the roti canai is made to perfection. cewah over pulak. what i meant is, it is very soft and when you chew it, it just go into your mouth without resistance and not to dry either. so it definitely beat other roti canai i had before. 

but, my stomach was already half full, i already grabbed 1 1/2 slices of roti telur earlier, so i didn't actually had the same experience like when i ate it for the first time. any food is double the pleasure if taken when you're hungry. plus, this time i had it with kuah kacang dal, which i would prefer less.

and going to the kitchen, we were thinking to bungkus some, pak cik tukang buat roti tersangatlah busy and we had to cancel it, because there are 10 orders waiting. another lady, i suppose she's the wife, was busy getting the orders done. masa nak bayar pun, kakak yang jaga all the money flow pun pening-pening, too many too handle. 

anyway, it is amazing to see this bunch of people going up there just for the roti canai (and kambing i heard?) everyday. 

murah rezeki pak cik tu ye dak?

don't judge a roti canai by its look teehee

the images are from Google and now i know the name, it's Roti Canai D' Bukit! 

footnote: anyone nak belanja? :D

2 bombings:

Adilah Zulaikha said...

farah!!u make me wanna go back so bad!!kempunana dah dgn roti canai nii..huhu xkire la d'bukit ke x :p janji roti canai!! :'(

jari | jemari said...

that's the thing being malaysians. roti canai rules!


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