every coin has two sides, ya yah, we know


question of the day: what do you think of yourself?

we would know what people think of us, a little if not all. and if you don't know, go around and ask for honest answers. from your close friends, family etc.

and of all the remarks the people around me blurted out about me, i like this one point the most - being positive, well i might be, but not really, well you get it.
there was this one time, my optimism is getting sarcasm from my close friends -just because i said this one car might probably have problem with its lights. when actually it's the driver who hadn't give signals on the road

because i'd like myself to be reminded that every coin has two sides and that would make me stay positive on everything. and mostly, because it helps when troubles come haunting and choke you to death.
after all, you only got yourself to be strong and fight.

but sometimes, i just can't. the truth hurts and has nothing to cover itself, even my thoughts are being ridiculously   wild and going against me.


what do you think of yourself?

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