flowers are quite interesting, it seems

Pesta Floria 2012. Does it give hint of what the fiesta is all about? duhh

Flora! Flowers! And more flowers!

Started last week, on the 30th June till today, 8th July in Putrajaya. This stuff is held annually, but I never actually update myself with the dates. lucky my mom has all the 'agents' sending her information. internet being the most effective.

and so, mama dragged my brother and i  on an early Saturday morning to Putrajaya. but it wasn't anything bad. it was indeed, wonderful.
i love all the flowers there! they made it into ornaments in the garden, which was awesome. which adjective should i use? i'm lost. must have been a tremendous effort.

because i have only limited photos with me, these are among the things that had me gazing for a while.

this would be nice to have in my garden. oh like Malaysia doesn't rain

instead of taking photo of the flowers, these people are actually fun to watch. look lah at how many cameras there were at every corner

my ride

Even Mama didn't know this flower. Looks like a rose, but got seeds inside 

Now, where's my driver?

i wish i could upload more photos with flowers in it, because they are niceeee and so that anyone who reads upon this can see it.
but, it's ok, there's always next time insya Allah

and also, i caught two pretty girls, not Malaysian i guess, wearing very nice flowy pastel skirt, and the other one wearing something like palazzo pants in quite the same hue. 
tried to capture them but only got back view. mehh. 
anyway, they are so pretty in that! 

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