once upon a time, people use watch to know the time


has anyone wonder how watch actually function? how could a watch get invented?
since my mom loved to read out facts from books when i was younger, i kind of had the knowledge, though i don't quite remember it now.

see how those gears are working simultaneously? no doubt, one is for the hour-hand, and another is for minute. 

i had a watch just like the one in the photo, which i bought from a little, old, dusty watch shop not far from my house. well, i found it fun to go hunt and search for secondhand watches from shops like that. because once you found one you think really precious, it's magnificent!
something like you found a diamond rind in the rubbish bin. 

and yes, the cost would be far lower with the watch being still nice, usually it had this rustic look, vintage style cewah, and of course, functioning. 

i once found a Patek Philippe watch, still very pretty, just with a little scratch on the surface most probably due to profuse usage of previous owner. 
but i didn't buy it because i don't need one just yet and my financial state was very scarce at that point of time. if not, i'd  buy it in a dash because i'm pretty much sure a brand new Patek Philippe would cost me my life hahah. 

but on the other side, secondhand stuff would need (sometimes great) maintenance. for the case of the watch i bought, i wore for nearly a year, or maybe less than that, and the leather strap has already torn apart. didn't manage to get it mended still, well, i forgot.

and the thought to mend my watch slowly resurfaced on my mind because Abah got me a new watch (and because now i have the extra money to actually do something less important, or rather less urgent, than my daily meals and thick text books . . .) look at how ungrateful you are tsk tsk tsk. 

and the new watch i got was the one i've been eyeing from the Ice Age! so long that i was afraid it wouldn't be available the moment i want to buy it. but hey, what's meant to be meant to be!

alhamdulillah. jam biasa saja pun, nothing extraodinary at all.

now let's get back to the older days when we use watch to look at the time, not handphones!

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