way overdue Raya: a quick update

two months are quite a long time and now i'm peeking over, to say hello again.

hi. i'm farah. and you?

oh never mind. 
pardon me, older farah (at the time you read this later on), you (when younger) always and would never stop this habit of talking to yourself. 

the whole Syawal has been a very fascinating month, since I got to go to so many places and houses for the sake of  'Rayaaa!'. and I still got duit raya! and there was this one time, both my younger sister didn't get any duit raya but me. hehehe this made me even happier than the duit raya itself. I hope it's not based on our personalities, because then I would be... (somehow that made me a little bit embarrassed but because it's money, I can't stand to stay embarrassed too long! lol) 

and when it's festive season, it's Balik Kampung time! *Sudirman's Balik Kampung song is playing at the background. because why? dude, 

miserable attempt 

weird little cousin like this counts

so, the first few days were a blast, just like the year before. only that we were celebrating with fewer families, most of my uncles and auntie went to visit their in-laws first. and on the third Raya, mama insisted on having family potrait at the beach yo! so all of us obeyed and went there with our best third Raya outfits. 

and it was purely AMAZING!

particularly because of this

Atok Janggut's descendants

and later, we went beraya with the elephants. but that would be best told seperately. haha i hope i would write it later.

well, i play soccer tomorrow. a tournament that accepts noobs. just don't get your leg broken. 

2 bombings:

Noor Azreena Omar said...

gambar" farah sangat cantik!!!!!

jari | jemari said...

hehe ada orang lain editkan, memang le.


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