Broke (and lucky) Students Go for Trip


One hundred and twenty two outfits and two pairs of worn out jeans. Millions of rolls of shawls. Bottles of lotion and foams and sunblocks. All to be stuffed inside a bag pack. 

Lucky I'm good with that, saves me from extra luggage cost.

We're going for another trip. Here's how it all started. So one fine day we came across an Air Asia ads and bling, my housemates and I were all going for a trip to Sabah! Which cost us about RM 98 for return flight (yes, we are lucky!) 
And after 9 long months of waiting, we went there on 11th November (and that was like a month ago -.-). Finally! 

Now, let's be reminded that I am one who always write too much to the point that I barely finish. How about  I put it in bullet forms this time? Though I bet I'd just leave it as a point, without any elaboration, because . . . oh well, what's life without the details (I'd would love to include all the details but hmmphhh) right? Bluegh. 
And please bear in mind that we're students and broke, so everything cheap is best lol

Day 1

  • boarded the flight as the last passengers. another few slow paces and we would miss the flight. Phew. (look what happened when my parents take care of everything. I'm 21 and couldn't even handle this lol) We even got nagged by the guy who let us in. 
  • A little turbulence before landing, which was scary because all lights were put off and plane getting shaky. Probably because the heavy clouds and lightnings outside. 
  • At the passport checking counter, an officer put up a flirt game with my friend who tagged along with me. So obvious hihih. Well, I know he tried to be nice to us, tourists. 
  • Another troupe of friends was in another plane and flight was delayed for another hour. Waited until near midnight before the host, Bella's sister picked us up for another 45 minutes drive.
  • All six of us had to share one bedroom. Sleep was rough because the room was too hot and stuffy, even I, who can sleep at any situation, was tossing all around before I could actually sleep. One poor friend of mine couldn't sleep at all and went mad by herself because everyone else was asleep.
Boo cuak flight nak berlepas. 
the room. our bags only had taken up half of the space.

Day 2
  • Everyone complaining about last night's sleep. (This is what it takes to be a traveller right? So we deal with it.)
  • Bella's sister sent us off to the nearest train station, Papar, by Hi-Lux, a pick-up. Some had to sit at the back, along with the luggage. People there were scrutinizing us because apparently, we're not from there. Not with our bagpacks and luggages. But I was thrilled for the ride, because I never board a traditional train before (LRT and KTM are not traditional. So, no.) 

Bella, tuan rumah, getting the tickets for us, the tourists lalala.

    • The train ticket is only three ringgit! The journey from Papar to Beaufort (we're going to stay at Bell's house this time) is like two hours kut! Haha so much for cheap things. 
    • A group of Scouts flocked the station and waved us goodbye (they're having camp or something like that. Oh, how I miss school.) We dozed off halfway through the journey, to cover our lack of sleep last night. 
    • Waited in front of a row of old Chinese shops in town. Met this uncle whom has been told by my friend, to have this power to hypnotize people whenever people look into his eyes. He asked us whether we need a ride home (because he drives this van that function like taxis) and we casually replied him because we didn't know it yet. But then he came again and asked things, none of us look at him at all. Just Bella, because she's a local and that uncle was wearing shades. Scary! But funny though.
    this is why I said we couldn't hide the fact that we're outsiders

    you wait at the flight of stairs. in front of some old apek's shop.
    the van in the photo belongs to that creepy uncle with hypnotic eyes. he even pointed out straight to Bell that Jah, the girl in grey scarf, is pretty. creepyyyy.
    • Arrived at Bella's house, her brother picked us up. Went to the kitchen to help with lunch but ended up having brunch (that is kelupis with kuah kacang!) because everything is settled already. And we had lunch like just an hour later. Ambuyat with chicken curry! Sedap! Shameless girls who eat non-stop. Sorry Mak Bella!
    • Adventure of Klias River begun at 2.30! Went sightseeing along the river and the mangrove swamps on a perahu. Didn't know it was very enticing and frightening at the same time! Saw few Proboscis monkeys and a bird that looked like a stone at first sight!

    we first boarded this old perahu (or sampan?). it has cracks all over the place.


    these are actual boats for tourists. RM 35 per head. and by perahu, it's only RM 50 altogether. 

    happy customers and now we must go back fast, raindrops are coming down

    • Went back at 5.30 and too tired for tea. I immediately slept, all the way until Maghrib. teruk tak teruk, dah la it's somebody else's house.
    • No plans at night. Because ten o'clock is too early to sleep, we read book and lie around.

    Day 3
    • Everyone slept in after Subuh despite having a long rest last night. Punyalah ironi! 
    • Experiment : Does goose really go after people who disturb it? Not done, no guts!
    • Again, Bell's brother drove us to the train station. This time, we'll get down at Tanjung Aru, two hours away from Beaufort. Tg Aru is further away than Papar, fyi. 
      • Interestingly, the train is scheduled to depart at 11.01 a.m. What a joke, I thought. You know how Malaysians are sceptical about precise time management. But we were all proven wrong because it really does depart at 11.01! Fuyyohh! Salute!
      • I couldn't take a nap because it was too bumpy and there were a lot more people this time than the last time we rode train. 
      • Saw some cute guys hehehs. But was wondering why there are like so many guys who wear ear piece on only one ear. There was this one young boy, maybe 4 or 5, who wears it too. So is it a fashion statement? Or does it distinguish sexual preferences (which I highly doubt because of the boy) or is it part of a culture? Bell didn't know either and asking one of them seems potentially hazardous. So this question keeps echoing throughout my whole stay there.
      • One moment of total darkness. Nearly panic for a split second but it was just the train going under a tunnel. 

    the whole coach is staring at us for snapping this (because I was inside and apparently, they're outside...)

    goofing around while waiting for 11.01 am

    kelas datin baca buku dalam train

    this is the boy. he's just a bit moody there. 

    • A rental car sent us right in front of our hotel. They usually just drop the passengers at the bus terminal, which is another half an hour walk to the hotel and it was scorching hot outside. I guess, Bella was doing her job well, sitting besides the driver and did all the talks. Heheh the perks of being young ladies. 
    • Got a room for all six of us. The (cute) receptionist asked for double confirmation that we only want one room. He even chuckled at us being very money-saving. Nasib baik cute . . .
    • Terus serbu Philippine Market. Souvenirs for friends and family. Along the pavements, there are lines of males, young and old, armed with their sewing machine, offering customers to alter their jeans and stuff like that. berderet-deret dekat luar. 

    preserved frogs as purse

    serious buyers

    • Went to Jesselton Point after checking in. Just a few blocks away. From this point, we can go island hopping, the main highlight of this trip! Sadly, it was monsoon and water activity has to be cancelled sobbsss. That day was bright from morning and made us all frustrated that we couldn't make it to Manukan. I mean, what is a Sabah trip without enjoying its pure beach and oceanic beauty? Huwaaaa. Snapped some photos (which include so much vanity) and only at 4.30, it rained. 
    like this. no?

    • At night, we went to Centre Point, a shopping mall that looks like any other shopping malls in Malaysia. Not much difference. Met Ayu, a friend who lives in Kota Kinabalu and had Nasi Ayam CP for dinner for RM 3.30. I am amazed by the low pricing but hek, its the drinks that double up. LOL terbalik pulak. 
    • Ayu brought us for dessert (cewah) across the streets. The name for this (what shall I call it? Concoctions? Or just dessert?) thing is Pisang Hijau. Sedap gila! Biasalah, sweet and as the name suggests, it has sliced bananas in it with layers of what look like kuih ketayap but without the inti kelapa. They even have modified versions with Milo or Nestum to be sprinkled on top. Peh. 

    I . . .cannot . . . go on (heh being the drama queen I am). uploading photos take up so much time and it's nearly two. tomorrow it is. 

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