Broke students go for trip #2

Intro is not necessary. So, proceed. 

Day 4
  • Breakfast at a Mamak. The name of the shop is Islamic Restaurant. Talk about being frank. I was hoping to have Roti Tissue but it's too time-consuming and customers overspilled the restaurant so my order was rejected. Had roti sardin instead (it costs me RM 4 plus!) tapi kenyang gila for a breakfast, that I thought I might not need to eat for the rest of the day haha. 
  • Our rental car arrived at 7.30 a.m. to bring all of us to our destinations in Ranau. 
  • Rumah Terbalik is everything like the name. Imagine the huge 29-inch TV, not the modern wide screen one, being glued upside down at the ceiling. And imagine that to fall on your precious head. Ouw. Entrance is RM 10 and for students, we got free coffee but no discount. 

Malaysians and free things are inseparable

  • The road was all zigzaggy and I couldn't stand to sit still and thank God we rent a car,  I have space to lie down on the seat. I was dizzy most of the time and put up with it to see the beautiful sceneries, before I went dizzy again. 

  • Next up, Poring, the place of hot springs. Paid a fee of RM 3 and you're free to go. Unfortunately, it was too crowded so we ended up paying another RM 3 to enter common pools, which are not hot springs because there were less of a crowd there. Got to play slides for a few rounds. Jah was ridiculously funny because she was the only one who had to kind of drag and push her body forward to slide despite being petite. Let loose a bit and she's ready to be whirled by the water! I stopped playing because my bottom nearly hit the floor of the pool and that is so near to get my backbone hurt. But because we were already in Poring, we had to try dipping (no, not skinny dipping uh uh) ourselves in a hot spring pool no matter what. So we went there again (the hot springs were just besides the common pools anyway) and found a spot for us. To save space, all five of us went in one pool and of course, it was so packed. Bell didn't join in (well, she's from there) but wanted to you know, wash her feet with the warm water. Accidentally, she showered her foot with water from the hot tap and it was really hot that her foot became red along with her shriek of shock. (there are two taps in which one was the water from the hot spring and another one is normal temperature water to balance it off) 
on the way to Poring. magnificent view!


the real hot spring. water is boiling and the floor is incredibly hot we had to jump every few seconds

  • Canopy walk was superb! Another RM 3 for entrance and RM 5 for cameras. You have to hike for more or less half an hour and it made us all sweating so much that I forgot we were from the pools. The canopy was so high up and I was the last in line because I had camera and I stopped to snap photos. And being the last is frightening because there's no one to watch your back and the bridge felt jumpier every time I stepped. I saw beautiful shiny blue butterflies underneath the hanging bridge. Before that, bila tengok bawah, I felt like I'd immediately trip  and fly to the bottom floor of the jungle padahal it's just gayat. 
we still don't know what's ahead

hiking starts.

berani lah konon. snapped only a single photo (so that explains why i publish this sebab dah tak ada gambar lain!)


a baby making the time of his life. berani gila bapak dia

  • It was raining when we were halfway down. And to make the journey even more heart thumping, I heard a loud thump and witnessed a tall tree falling to earth. Seram gila, because we felt like any tree would fall upon us at any time. Ya Allah save us. In the end, my thigh aches so much that I have to limp.

  • Sungai Moroli - supposed to go to Desa Cattle but due to the heavy rain (and bad roads that will damage the brand new car), it is cancelled. hampa gila because that place looks like you're in New Zealand! Anyway, the RM 5 we paid to 'play' with the fish is not a waste. Geli tapi best! semua jerit-jerit sebab geli, siap menggigil-gigil satu badan just because the fish are so slimy and they kind of bite the dead skin on your feet. 

this is my fav photo! haha. sebab wanie tercongok je kat tepi tu. geli sangat dengan ikan but bella is enjoying the friendly fish

  • The journey back was again making me dizzy and it rains outside. so i slept all the way. 
  • Too tired and Boo has caught cold and was sneezing all the time. Had KFC for dinner (I didn't want but had to because it's nearby)
  • The still not tired members of the troupe (including me) went to Philippine Market again and had a bowl of Pisang Hijau and shared by four young ladies. kena kacau busuk punya dengan mamat-mamat yang makan next to us. 

Day 5

  • Checked out from hotel ( the cute receptionist tak ada lah pulak)
  • Went to the airport by taxi and was charged RM 30! tak patut betul. it was just like 5 minute drive away. 
  • Two of my friends went back home to Sarawak. The plan to visit Tg Aru beach is crossed out because it was raining, again! sabar je lah. we waited (and slept) in the airport until the rain stopped. 
not even lying about this.

  • went to the Centre Point area again to buy some anchovies and dried shrimp, this time by bus (we had to wait for about 45 minutes in the bus before it moved =.=)
  • Flew back home at 10 after long hours of doing nothing in the airport. arrived safely at 1.30 a.m. Sorry Mama Abah kena ambik pagi-pagi buta!

conclusion: memang best since this is my first trip that we actually planned ourselves (and because we're clueless most of the time). Thank you Bella for being the host during our stay there. tapi next time pergi, serius kena pergi Manukan and Desa Cattle or I'll cry on the way back home. 

another fav photos

twilight saga sangat!

ok roti tissue satu siap ane!

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