enchantment of an awesome night


quite a long time no see eh?
i am not even going to use being busy as an excuse because honestly, i have a-week-long holiday and half of the time, i was being lazier than a lazy bum. teruk betul. i've been delaying my work since day 1 and kept myself 'busy' over surfing through the internet and whatnot, which include being idle on my comfy bed for hours, doing exactly nothing. blegh.

however, nearing the end, i had to muster everything in me to fight this overwhelming laziness. i always find it hard to start. no worries, i've managed to drag my body parts and brain to do them. 

anyway, yesterday was really a nice day (despite the fact that i had to face books during holiday) because...
i'm not going to let you wander.
i had a nice chat with a very dear friend from high school to begin with and that is always lovely. later that day, i had to go to the book store at 10 and the sky was amazing! it was clear, the moon was brighter than usual, no clouds obstructing the view, the sky was black, not reddish like common industrial city skies and the stars were shining brightly! ah the feeling when you see beautiful things. it just makes you smile and feel content. masha Allah. 

and as if that is not heart-warming enough for me, there was a shower of fireworks very nearby to my house since they were coming from houses from the neighbourhood. i could see them clearly from the yard of my house and i was literally standing for like at least 5 minutes and watched the whole show, with my little sister (sayangnya, my parents were already sleeping).

so pretty and so near, like the fireworks are meant for me. 
(so if anyone has ever watch the Indonesian movie, Eiffel I'm in Love - you'll get how i feel hihhih). again, the feeling of enchantment made me on cloud nine, ten if that's possible. haha

 actually, i had to suppress the desire to watch the fireworks though it had started at nearly 11 because i had to finish up my work. and right after i settled it, the sounds are too loud and too near to resist and i checked every window to know where the fireworks are coming from. and i thought they were just some loud firecrackers from distant but heck, i was wrong. i guess, this would be the best present for finishing your assignments hihi

Dan Dia telah menundukkan untukmu apa yang di langit dan apa yang di bumi semuanya, (sebagai rahmat) daripada-Nya. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda (kekuasaan Allah) bagi kaum yang berfikir.
Terjemahan : Surah Ar-Ruum [30] : 8

i'd like to remember this, as one of the many awesome nights in my life. Alhamdulillah. 

the GIF is by ulfa

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