Sore throat Attack

i think, this is, by far, the worst sore throat i have ever get attached on.
i don't only have stuffy nose, i also lost my voice, completely.

this is totally no exaggeration. i can only whisper, and squeal now. usually, my voice would be deep like a man's when the throat sores, but this time, i can't speak at all. the good thing is i'm excluded from any presentations at class but that is so meaningless compared to the ability to express yourself with talking. and my friends were teasing me while they can. they all whispered back to me when i talked to them. haih what to do, naughty friends. just wait till i get my voice back heh.

anyway, today has been the third day. 
i thought of the what ifs. what if this continues until forever? then, i'd have to learn the sign language? scary thoughts. i hope it gets better along with the sore throat.

hehe but this also pops up in my mind, what if my voice turns sweeter? HAHA optimism at its best.


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Adilah Zulaikha said...

hahaha. Get well soon Farah! :)


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