It's Ramadan and It's Emotional

It's Ramadan again! alhamdulillah i'm still alive to meet this holy month.

Check this video out, just to boost your excitement hehe. THIS.THIS.THIS

on another note, i haven't seen the cat i talked about in the previous entry for quite some time. mama said maybe because she didn't feed it anymore, so it went to the neighbours maybe. 

and i heard a cat meowing non-stop and it's even audible in my room (which has no window) the whole weekend. on sunday, i couldn't resist and kept telling my parents about the meowing. 

and so abah remembered to tell me that he saw the cat that used to hang around our yard being carried away by a dog, with two other dogs at its side. 
whatttttttt noooooo
it's deaddddddddddd
i felt a lump in my throat. 

kucing doakan kitorang ye :'(

now i know how emotional it can be (especially when i imagined how it died sobbbssss), tho it was just what a month i guess. 

p/s: my neighbour moved out and gave his pet rabbit to my friend. whyyyyyyy. but it's not like i can keep it anyway *sighhhh

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