The Unthinkable in Life

as soon as i arrived in class today, a friend asked, ' macam mana nak tahu kebenaran tu kebenaran?'

how do you even answer that question?
something i saw made me think she was talking in scientific terms, and so i thought, 'maybe if every time we test it, we got the same answer'. 

then, she rephrased the question, 'how do you define truth?'
it makes up a whole  new meaning to the question. 
true, if we were to question the validity of the question itself, it is very open-ended that people can answer from so many perspectives. 

maybe that's why humans have intuition, some say gut feeling. deep down in our heart, we know what we really feel, what we really believe. 

but, i don't think i could come up with a satisfying answer, even to myself. 

she was speechless when a friend asked her this, what more me whom knowledge is as shallow as a puddle. 

a very deep question indeed. 

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