Adventure Time!

The thing about having a friend who has a car is, you just can't resist the temptation to go for a road trip.

i mean, not just any time, but moments like when you really should go finish up your half done assignments, or night before a quiz ahhhh you get it. 
it will just happen. mostly at random times. 
my housemates would just get in the car. initially it would just for a usual dinner. 

and when one of us is struck by the epiphany of getting the night air, oh the adrenaline rush you get only by listening to that idea being voiced out into verbal codes. 

we'd be yelling right away and got all excited and fidgety on our seats. and we'd be singing to the radio out loud with the wind gushing on our faces, windows down.

there are times where we'd go gossiping about every possible things - rumours, scandals, sighs, rants.

and there are times where the music is just playing, but no one is speaking. 
i like it when i put my hand outside the window, to feel the night's air. it may sound like i was influenced by too much tv shows, but i like the feeling it gives.

that you are feeling it.

there was this one time, i was really planning on finishing my stuff. then, they all went to atm machine to draw out some money without me, i was waiting in the car. 

i went inside, they were talking about something and i heard my name. so i made my way through the line thinking they might want to tell me what they're up to, but the conversation just died -.- 

in the car, they told me they were planning to go to this one place. 
of course i hesitated, a lot.
they tried persuading. 
and of course, i tried to talk them to go without me. 
no it didn't work.

and so, i said, yes.
*insert girls screaming on their highest pitch with much enthusiasm here

and of course, i had to stay up late to finish up my work (i mean, the nights after)

it's Adventure Time, what do you expect.

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