Practice (a lot) makes perfect baking

Oh no! I thought I'd be able to keep the blogging entries streak but I missed two days in a row. Discipline level 9000 hmmmphh

On another note, I usually attempt some trials at baking on holidays, especially during semester breaks. However, the oven broke down recently, got some problems with the heating and I didn't do any baking since. It's been some time since we last baked cakes, cookies, and the always-been-missed Pavlovas.

My sister bought whipping cream and made some cheese cake, but there was still a lot left. So we browsed for recipes that can use some whipping cream. She made some butter and I, whipped cream (as in the one you got from the aerosol can, only not as aesthetically pleasant). And then, I felt like making donuts. Just the simple ones, never fancy, I couldn't manage it anyway.

The recipe seems promising because the title itself states a duration if only 15 minutes. Couldn't be so bad, I thought. The worst would take me a couple of hours (which in that rainy weather, I would just lie on the bed and doze off). Besides, what could go wrong with these few ingredients.
So, I started. The recipe is initially for cookies and meant to be baked, but another person mended it and used it for deep fried instead, in which they became tempting donut holes. I went on after reading the recipe through for I think, more than 10 times. No oven needed, no yeast, no egg.
I had a little problem because there's not enough butter, and the dough didn't mix well in the mixer, they became like bread crumbs. So my youngest sister suggested to whisk/knead it manually. It didn't work, so I figured maybe we really need more butter. Then, I added more butter into the mixer and chilled them.

The recipe instructed the dough to be chilled for 30 minutes but it stayed in there for good 3 hours haha. Of course, Mama grunted when she knew but we received guests at that time, I couldn't just go on and make noise with all the mixer and blender with the result unknown. Anyway, I continued after the guests went back. I prepared the pot for frying and after rolling the dough into small holes, I popped them into the 3-inches deep oil.

An aroma from the pot gave me hope, they smelled good. After a few minutes, I was checking the donuts and I couldn't see them. The oil was erupting something and the oil wasn't clear as it was before. Then, I noticed my donuts were all melting and evaporating (?) into the hot oil. Oh my goodness! The smell! This must be because of the butter! Too much butter in the dough, I guess.
The pot looked like I was cooking curry in it, with buttery smell all over the kitchen. Failure at its best.

Because I couldn't fry it and there was still a lot of dough left, I tried baking it in the oven. I rolled them into the small holes and squashed them a bit using my fingers so that they'd be baked easier. I took nearly 40 minutes to be done, because the heating wasn't working properly (when actually it could be done in 10 minutes). Though they didn't look anywhere near donuts, they tasted like kuih suji. A good thing because they're still edible and not just wasted away.

Mama pointed out the ridiculousness of the recipe, because donuts need yeast to become donuts. She said she knew something is wrong with the recipe but she didn't object it at first.

I shrugged. 15 minutes donuts, who wouldn't be tempted?
Reality sucks, man.

The day after, my baking mood still hasn't subsided. I made churros. Again, because of the simple ingredients I already have in the kitchen. This time, it's a success. I made a second batch on the same day, they were so easy. I used another recipe, with more ingredients. While the taste improved, the look didn't. The second ones looked more like chakoi instead of Western Churros. I don't understand why my yield is always trying to prove themselves Asian, when they're supposed to look like Westerners.

P/s: It still made me laugh of embarrassment to think that I made kuih suji out of a donut recipe hahahaha

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