So Long

As usual, nearing the end of year, I'll always get this slightly panicky feeling at the outer edge of my heart. As if wanting the year to not end, because I haven't done so many things just yet. I don't know how many people have this in common but I sure expect this coming every time.

I'm gonna just list all the events worth remembering that had happened this year down here, God knows when I'll write a proper entry about them all.

Talk about procrastination *sighs

- Prac phase 2
- Aussies buddies!
- Jump street
- Tragedi November
- Tea at Cameron Highlands
- Punctured tyres
- More to be added soon (what else huh?)

I really should write more. Come onnnn, you can do this!

P/s: There's a car on the rooftop of a hospital! How on earth did that get there? Haha things get a little tricky here.

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