Noodles for the Whole Days in Sarawak

The first time I went to Sarawak was in 2011, if I'm not mistaken, with Shino. We were welcomed by Nisda and her friends, who are mostly students from Semenanjung. I remembered being the one who actually understand Bahasa Melayu Sarawak better than them hiks. 

This time around, I went for Sue's wedding with Boo, another house mate. We decided to stay at a friend's house, Athi who happened to live nearby and is also Sue's bridesmaid. Now, as the host herself is a Sarawakian, for sure she knows all the hook and nook of Sarawak. Right after the wedding (I had pengilan - meals served on the table, unlike the common buffet style meals), Athi brought us around the town.

Wait, I forgot about breakfast. We headed to Mom's Laksa for laksa sarawak. And I am not disappointed! I am not a big fan of noodles, but this laksa is so tasty, I feel like having another serving hehe if only we had more time. The seats are full downstairs, we had to eat upstairs. But it wasn't too bad, because the interior is nicely decorated - with rustic furnitures, large windows with sheer curtains, perfect for photos and instagrams shots.

Peh kecur air liur mengenangkan laksa ni *timing baik punya

After some walks around the town, in and out of some souvenir shops, Athi brought us to a stall with a sign 'Cendol Mami'. She said their cendol is famous and their Mi Belacan is delicious. Mi Belacan? what in world. I couldn't imagine how it'd turn out so I just trust Athi. I'm always up for food adventures! 

I wasn't hungry yet but I wasn't full from the pengilan (shy lor, cannot eat too much) so I ordered a Mi Belacan and a Cendol Pulut for myself. 

It may not look as attractive but I tell you, it was scrumptious! Sedaaaap! (why on earth did I decide to blog about this in Ramadan *slam face on wall)
As you can see, it has vermicelli noodles and gravy or thick soup that tastes a little bit like the sauce from the street yong tau fu, lime with sambal belacan on it, squids cut into pieces, shreds of sengkuang and that weird-looking black egg. 

I wasn't being sceptical but since I'm not a big fan of noodles, I wasn't expecting much either. But I like it! I thought the squid would be a nuisance cause most of the times, squids can be very chewy, like plastic-chewy, and worse, it could be smelly, but they're not in this cuisine. They just tasted a little on the crunchy side and I believe it is a nice pair with the sengkuang shreds. The egg tastes like egg but less creamy than the normal ones, but it doesn't taste weird or anything. My friend told me it was soaked in herbs or something hence the appearance. (earlier, someone suggested this and joked about the egg being a horse egg - and Boo fell for it hahaaaa horses lay eggg yeah right) The gravy became even tastier after all those stirring, I couldn't stop eating. 

Next, the Cendol Pulut - the star of the meal.

Why did I write thisssss. Imma go cry now agghhh.

Look at that beautiful thing. Well-played, I must say. When it first arrived at my table, I was astonished by its size - bigger than most of the cendol I have ever eaten in Semenanjung. And look at the colour of the pulut. So attractive. And that caramel sauce *drooling 
And the cendol is all fat ones hahaa.

Remember I have just finished a bowl of Mi Belacan, I might be full and my taste buds might be biased. But boy, was I wrong. It tastes very creamy and sweet and you just knew they used thick santan for the taste. And extra brownie point for this stall, cause the portion of the pulut is big and I can enjoy it longer in my cendol, unlike some cendol with pulut so little, it's gone in just a mouthful. 

I like the cendol very much and I am reminded by my mother who is always in the search of the perfect cendol. I should bring her this some time soon (not that I crave for it too...).

Later that night, we had Mee Kolok - one of the most notorious meal in Sarawak. Sadly, my hand phone died so no picture. But, this Mee Kolok was just so-so. Halfway through, I thought I couldn't finish the food, I think I had too much noodles in my bowl, or too much soup. I've had better ones in Semenanjung and on my last trip to Sarawak, too.

I forgot to mention about this dish I had during the pengilan - slices of pear soaked in asam boi. It does look a little too red, due to the asam boi, but it tastes good. Nyaman!, quoting the granny sitting in front of me. I had a little and my fingers became reddish like I'm wearing inai daun. I don't really like asam boi cause they can be a tad too sweet most of the time, but this two is a great pair. 

Image result for pear dengan asam boi
from Google. Just to let you know, and so that I don't forget 

The next day, I had rojak ayam for my breakfast. It was truly a festive for my taste buds, right before puasa starts haha. This is all thanks to Athira, for your hospitality in Sarawak. 

Mbak mekorang jalan-jalan lagik! Nyaman! 

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