Sue and Mr Right, finally

So, last weekend, one of my house mates got hitched. That is enough reason to fly to Sarawak for her reception. All of us were very excited with this lady over here because she was ranting high and low for a boyfriend/partner back in our rental house - she has an older sister who is married at a young age and a younger one who is already married. She could have chosen any gentleman, not that she has no suitors or admirers waiting for her *mehhh

Interestingly, she found her Mr Right right after she went back home for good (after 5 and 1/2 years flying back and forth to KL), or should I say her Mr Right found her, wooed her and asked for her hand right away. They didn't take long, only few months to tie the knot. So how could us all not be excited for this utterly good news? *cries

the bride and the groom 

I wish all of us were there, to celebrate her big day (and of course, to tease her with all her expectations/dreams/whims about her wedding hihi). Thank God for the technology, it felt like they were nearby, too bad we couldn't video call because the line was poor.  

And, the baby among us all got engaged on the same day! Double celebration *chicken dance

If it weren't for other wedding ceremonies I attended earlier, I would have embarrassed myself crying buckets in front of the other guests but thankfully, it is all under control hehe.

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