DIY and swimming pool

it has been quite a long time since i made a DIY card, well i made the cards for my friends and family myself, not that i am that creative but i just like DIY cards better. and so, i did one for my mom last night. not a really good attempt, i should say. it looked horrible, than what i thought it should be. eugh. see, everything i used to do is no longer something i can do. that is double the 'eugh'. *sigh*

i went to shah alam. i saw teenagers, most of them are boys, they were playing futsal i guess and i was so attracted to them, playing the games i mean. there were even boys with skateboards flying everywhere with their very 'magic' wood. and i saw people, many people at the swimming pool. i envy them.

those are all public facilities,they won't charge too much (unlike ones near my house..they are exclusive and do imagine what does that cost..) and none of them are nearby my house. i have a problem with driving, and that is the root of all of my problems. i couldn't go anywhere! to go to the nearest bus station, i need my dad to send me.(you'll be arriving there in an approximately an hour by walking. i won't do that again. no.) and that is so troublesome for my dad. again, another sigh for me.

but still, i like that environment. the youngsters are actively participating in their community and they are, obviously not doing the things they aren't allow to. and i got thousand things i want to do.

oh till next time, i'll be in wonderland for now. i want to swim there.

coretan: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mums! i know, everyday is.

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