kids do that and everyone loves them. because of that.

"nah! ni kak farah punya! kakak Ufah mana? kakak Iyah?"

"diorang kat sekolah la, Yana."

"nanti kakak Farah bagi lah ni dekat kakak Ufah, dengan kakak Iyah."

"kakak Farah tolong makankan sekali lah."

"kakak Farah ni, Maisarah bawak gula-gula tu untuk Kak Ufah dengan Kak Iyah lah." she was pouting and frowning.

she is a cousin of mine, 6 years old, given name Nur Maisarah Liyana. 
and she talks a lot. 
she lived with us for some time before, so we are close. 
(we loved to ask her to take things from all over the house..*evil laugh.. and of course, she did what she was told bhahaha..)

my dad loves to tease her. back then when she stayed with us and up till now. 
my mom asked if she did go anywhere recently? 
and so, she told us that her mom brought her to her former nanny's house, she called her nanny Ibu.

"Jumpa Naufal tak?"

Naufal was one of her old bestfriend, i think he's Ibu's son, or maybe Ibu babysits him, too.

Liyana nodded.

"Dia hensem tak? Naufal hensem tak?" I interupted. Grinning.

she nodded again, this time with a smile.

and my dad went like, 
"Oh, Yana dah ada boyfriend ye?"

i thought i heard my dad said, i got you Yana.
and Yana was like, 

"Huh, pakwe?"

So, my dad asked her another one with the same meaning,  

"Yana dah ada pakwe ke?"

her answer,

"Budak kecik mana boleh ada pakwe! Acik ni!"

we burst into laughter, simultaneously. oh she is cleverer now! duh. that's the point of going to school. 

well, she got us back.

kids are simple. they say what they mean. 
and unlucky me, i couldn't find the sweets Yana brought for me after that.*sobbing
i don't remember acting like this, after eating sweets.

coretan : i did my best and i did not get what i expected. i guess, that path is just not for me. i am tougher when i was a kid. no. i am tough, i am still a kid.

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