to see. to jot down

i miss the time when i celebrated Teacher's Day, at school, back then. for the whole day, the teachers will be gleaming, with bliss, or at least, i can say i see happiness in them. the celebration would be so much fun!
and if you enter the teachers' hall on this day, cards, chocolates, flowers, souvenirs are everywhere, on the desks, of course.

i was once a very quiet student when i first entered the primary school. i rarely talked in class. the worst part, my class teacher asked whether i am absent, and i was sitting right in front of her for nearly 2 hours in class. thinking about that, i was not sure of why i was behaving as such.

but then, another new teacher registered himself at my school and he taught us English.
he convinced myself that i can do things better when i believe in myself.
i did my best in a competition and he nodded, a sign telling me that he knew i have done my best. 
and of all the things, i won.

it does gave a BIG effect to me. 
anyhow, he, whom i called Sir Zariman left us all when i was thirteen.
thinking of this and him not being here anymore, gives even a bigger impact in my life. 
he was one of the teachers in the whole world, giving his best for his students.

every teacher does that.

oh and a teacher once told me in class, u should jot down things that you see.(in this case, the teacher meant the subjects we learn..)but i apply this to things that capture my interest,usually my eyes, too. (well, since i have a very short-term memory bhahaha)
happy teacher's day! 
(i know i am late..*sigh*)

coretan : the late Sir Zariman did entered Roda Impian, a gameshow. i couldn't recall how much he earned on the game but, hey, my teacher was on tv!

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