nearly everyone has their very own at that time, which was like last two years, i think. and i have none. 
i don't get it why on earth people write a blog. i mean, blog is like loooong lengthy essay and i find it not interesting, at all.

why would you write when no one would bother to read?
and why should you read when it's thaat long?
i just couldn't figure it out.

well the first blog i am interested in is of this man. the entries are super-short and simple.
and the photos are super-cool! and super-clear!

later, afie, a good buddy of mine happened to follow this one particular blog. *should i mention the owner?*
the writings in the blog are very captivating and hilarious. afie would giggled by herself reading this blog and we (my friends and i who were very much spending some not-so-leisure-time in her room) were very puzzled of course. then she read it out loud for us. we couldnt stop laughing!

and habitually when she reads the latest post of this blog, she will either tell us or read it out to us. 
and so, this blog is the eye-opener *cewah!* because though the entry is loonng, like real long, it is very inviting to read.
yeah it kinda make me change my mind about blogging, well wholly.

so here i am typing in my own blog. *so why am i always typing long posts? that proves my active words production haha*

coretan: going for a camp soon. hope it'll be fine, though i want it to be great

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