speedy lectures to be blame

my handwriting has not been improving ever since i left high school. and it gets worse every time i write. and sadly, i rarely write nowadays.
i scribble.

i remembered being in a team in secondary school and we were going for a competition between schools. we practiced days and nights for weeks. and during practice, we had to write, jot, scribble the lines etc in the fastest time we could (which is less than 60 seconds). 
with no doubt, our handwritings were so horrible that only the one who wrote it could read it,no, decode it, provided that the time gap between writing it down and reading it was no longer than 2 minutes (or so lah).
however, there was this one guy in the team.one day, he wrote his lines. and he stood up with confidence, to read it out loud to the opponent. 
seconds later, we all saw his face frowning, eyes squinting so hard even when the paper was just like 5 milimeter from his nose - he couldn't read what he had just wrote. ok, no big deal. 

but when we checked out his paper, we all laughed! his first four words were scribbled, but they could still be figured out. but then, the next words were formed into a line!doktor pun kalah!

of course he couldn't read out what he intended to say in his lines T.T

the supposedly-written: the words went missing just like that and he didn't even remember what he wrote

heheh got excited so i made an illustration to describe his writing at that time. not really precise though hehs.

on the day of competition, the lines kept coming in his papers and they didn't form anything word-like. lucky he knew it's a big problem. so he memorized the lines in his mind and he read out the right things.

guess my handwriting would end up being like that, a line.

coretan: should i put up food posters on my room? or will i be hungry all the time? hehe

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