accio firebolt!

so that i can go watch harry potter anywhere i want heee.

been a pothead since i first read the first book. 

few months after i finished reading it, the film was released. of course i was crazy.
too memorable. plus, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone was the first english novel i finished reading. and i borrowed it from a close friend from primary school, fatin fatehah hasanal azam. i thought of saying thanks to her for introducing me to this fantastic world, sadly i found out she deactivated her fb account.

even my parents acknowledged my state of being a pothead.
and so i owned a hermione granger doll (?) in her hogwarts robes, her wand, even crookshank!
not to forget, the cards i got from chocolate frogs (of which now i miss eating it). fatin and i exchanged our cards collection, just like in the book ==' i keep it all till now, would take me a very long time if i ever want to throw them away

there was this one time, when HP7 the book was released, i went for a camp for about a week. and when i came home, i couldn't describe the joy i felt i went crazy jumping up and down because my parents bought me a copy of HP7! special edition. priceless. i didn't tell them that i want it so bad but like i said, they knew i am a pothead hehehhe
but still, i hesitated to try bertie botts' every flavour beans. puke flavour? eugh i don't want to take the risk.
bookmarks and posters. 
i wonder if i could find harry potter's bookmarks with draco malfoy on it?

not to worry, my level of fanaticism is of a novice, i must say. or else, my parents would be dizzy spending too much money on me

i mean, i LOVE HARRY POTTER and will always do, but i don't have my room decorated like the Burrows, nor i have a four-poster bed, with bedsheets full of harry potter's print all over. i'm not the one who goes berserk searching, bidding for Harry Potter's glasses, or even Dumbledore's half moon spectacles. oh yes, potheads would love to have those uhuh.

though i would love to. 
and up till today, i still don't have my very own copy of the first Harry Potter book (since i borrowed it at the first place). should go buy it then. 

and i'll let my children read them hihih.  


Wingardium leviosa! :D

2 bombings:

Adilah Zulaikha said...

I'm afraid that I'll be crying after watching it..sedih laaa it ends huhuhu
I'm so letting my children to read HPs!! haha

jari | jemari said...

tu lah. but it's ok, will be my treasure selagi boleh


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