destinasi bajet, anyone?

i should utilize my somewhat long-but-quick holidays to the maximum. 
way long before my holiday starts, 
i've been planning in my head, 
listing the to-dos and having them as my night dreams. 
which literally means, 
i want to do them, badly. 
however, it seems that i can't do all of them. 

last week, i window-shopped till i drop, 
though i don't spend even a cent out of it. 
via my darling mr Google. 

lame. i think i should go for a boyfriend-hunt, a rich one. 
okay, that's lame too.

i want to go travel now. 
anywhere is fine. anywhere as in anywhere.
inside or outside the country.
i've never been to sarawak and sabah. 
low budget hotels and transports (planes are cool!) are on the rise now.
it'll definitely help, i don't have that much of money.

i told my mom, 
but however low the budget is, if i am to go traveling with the whole lot of my family, 
it will surely going to cost a lot. 

i need partners in crime here!

thank you again mr Google, for letting me to have these views. 
previews of my travel.

oi i should really snap out of it!

coretan : i watched Destinasi Bajet. Qi succeeded in making me jealous of him. vamoose Qi!

4 bombings:

aisya chann said...

Ermm..buget ek??try piknik dekat tasik??or klo ske kt pantai :)

Megat Shah said...

jom g jepon..siyesly besh...budjet pown "bes" hehe

jari | jemari said...

aisya : chantek! esok nak pergi air terjun.hehe

megat : kos bahasa tinggi sangat. bajet lari.

aisya chann said...

haha.jeles doe!!!


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