bersih. two point o


it struck me of why the rally is named bersih 2.0? when was one? (and i found it was me who was left behind, being too young and cheerful). 

and i was somehow puzzled on why was the rally not granted permit?
i understand that Bersih is emphasizing clean and fair elections, hoping that in return it'll be better future for all of us.
the fact that it is a rally made it not safe, harmful, chaotic, fatal even- is the reason. 

upon watching the news on tv, i found out that some even brought knives, firecrackers and other things we-might-never-know.
i fell for that, thinking that it was never right but wrong. 

and that's of only one-sided.
a sentence from this one blog i've read made me think twice. there are some people complaining about how their weekend was ruined while some other Malaysians risked their lives taking it to the streets; with the intentions to bring better future in the political fields and for the rest as well. 

but another blogger (which is also another favourite of mine) mentioned in his post: the doings of the citizens are always what determined how the leaders will act, directly-proportional.
so, in the end, it is on us.

if we see weakness in the leaders, then we, all, need to ponder in retrospective and fix it, within ourselves. before we voice it out as loud as possible.

give us all strength to go through this.

i am young and i must say i don't know much but i do hope for better future, with Allah's liking. (and politics is never things youngsters would prefer)

with that, i rest my case.

coretan:  Pesta Flora coming up next! :) insya Allah

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Kh0| said...

maybe u can take a look at this..

The pisau, may look like out national flag actually..

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