Joy in Little Things #2


someone once asked me, where do you want to go if you can travel?

all the images that came across my mind were in the forms of mountains, ice caps and vast fields. new zealand is astonishing, and the promise of bungee jumping is more than appealing for me to go there.

"tibet," i answered.
i've seen tibet and its charms through still and moving images but i couldn't really picture 'tibet'. i guess, the unknown attracts me more hence the answer.

i like how questions from other people are mostly casual (sometimes, they were just to break the ice) but they actually made you think about yourself, and sometimes your whole existence 

a few months later after i was posed that question, something happened and i went on a little phase of insecurities and trauma. it just went on even when i wanted to stop feeling so. until,
one day, i came across a mesmerizing picture of a scenery. you can see mountains, green vast field, only the ice cap is a thin layer but the colours are complimenting each other they were perfect. 

i read the caption to find out that it was taken in Tibet.
for reason i myself couldn't fathom, i immediately plunged into happiness and relief at that exact moment. the burden was suddenly being taken away from me, like someone was unsquezzing (if there is such word) me. i remembered i smiled out of pure joy after days of wanting to feel normal again.
all praise to Allah, for it is Him we that has the power to everything single thing in this world.

Photo belongs to Qaisy Jaslenda

the picture was taken by this young man who went to travel to the himalayas and neigbouring regiouns, mostly by himself. and to add to my joy, he was offering to send a post card from tibet! i know i can get photos of tibet online and get them printed just like that but i want the post card to become a reminder for me that it has become the light at the end of my dark (temporary) tunnel and for me to give her a visit one day.

i knowwww i am always this sentimental about silly things.

anyway, i'm still waiting for it (that guy is travelling all over the world back-to-back, people wonder how he manages his finance for the trip. but he writes notes about his days, like a travelogue, and that's nice.)

come to think of it, it's been so long since i last received letters. hmmm this could be a new project...



3 bombings:

Adilah Zulaikha said... pseudoname hehe
I wonder who's that guy?
I've been thinking and dreaming about travelling around the world to. Hehe well who doesn't.
I've met lady who had travelled around for 3 times before the age of 50..well she's single ofcourse.
Sgt inspiring because she'd met so many people and had been to many places..can u imagine talking to a person like that..with so many experience and story to tell..gosh i want to be like her one day :)

jari | jemari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jari | jemari said...

Shino, unfortunately I am unsure myself about my pseudoname which later I strongly feel is because of some typo (I wrote this on my phone). So no worries, there's no Jo yet ;)

Jealous kannnn orang macam ni. But you only have yourself to blame mehh, for not doing it. ughhh


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