dear friends

the people below, are all away. 

but to face the hard times, they would have to be strong. 

Allah knows you are strong, that's why you are there at the first place. 

the boys? hahah. no. the girl is my friend

ni dah kenapa?

introducing *drumrolls* the rising new model hihih

and here, Miss Afie of Egypt, take extra care of yourself. good thing you have friends to help you over there. 
doa lah dipermudahkan segala urusan ok?

and as for you Miss Jawahir of Czech (ok this, is the correct spelling. kan?), be patient. things would get tough and you're just as strong to face them all. yeah!
doa banyak-banyak jugak ok? i know i might be even worse when it comes to this, but this is the least i can do.

Semoga Allah permudahkan hidup kita semua.

ehem. my apology, i'd like to include everyone of my friends, but, i just couldn't.

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